Make Harvest Temple Church Your Spiritual Choice

Harvest Temple is a body of believers that has its roots in the early twentieth century from the revival fires, which began in a prayer meeting in
Topeka, Kansas. In this meeting began a' phenomenal outpouring of the Holy Ghost, which brought the experience, and a restoration of truth
that began in the second chapter of Acts at the birth of the New Testament church, into our century.  This experience has spread worldwide,
and many Pentecostal groups and churches have formed, adding this promise of scripture to their faith in Jesus Christ and enjoying this
miraculous experience. In 1919, a church at Pelly, Texas, was formed which has been called by numerous names, and had numerous
pastors throughout the years. Thousands of people have passed through its doors. In 1987, our B
ishop accepted the pastorate and in 2017
our Pastor accepted the pastorate
of what is now called Harvest Temple/Pentecostals of Baytown. From the heart of a visionary ministry, this
church body is establishing itself as a vital force in the work of God.

Come join our efforts and be part of this ministry.

What is Harvest Temple Ministries, Inc.?

●        We are Theocratic in Ministerial Government

There is no higher, local, earthly, spiritual authority than the office of bishop or senior pastor. It is the intention of this ministry to form an
advisory board of senior, seasoned ministers, which will act as counsel to this ministry. The ministry must be accountable to follow Christ,
but it has never been scriptural for the five-fold ministry to be governed by followers. By the laws of Texas, Harvest Temple Ministries Inc. is
authorized to ordain ministers that operate out of this ministry. We do, however, grant the right for its pastor and its ministers to hold affiliation
with one or more ministerial fellowships or organizations. This affiliation gives us, as a body, fellowship with like believers, the ability to
minister in, and to support, ministries and missionaries in a way we otherwise could not. This affiliation also helps us to expand our vision
beyond ourselves. Such affiliation must, however, be in harmony with the genuine gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

●        We are Democratic in Business

There is no higher authority than the congregation in business. Harvest Temple Ministries Inc. is a Texas non-profit corporation, which acts
in compliance with Texas corporate law. We also operate with a 501 c3 tax exempt charter from the Federal Government. Harvest Temple
Ministries Inc. has a board of directors, which operates the daily business under the authority and guidelines approved by the congregation.  
No assets of this corporation can be owned by any person. Should this ministry ever be dissolved for any reason, its assets must be given to
another non-profit corporation, which promotes the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For this reason you can feel assured that any financial investment you make in this ministry is safeguarded from unscrupulous practice.

Mission Goals

To reach out for the souls of men, to win them over to a powerful Faith Covenant Relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.  We desire to see
people experience and continue to enjoy a true biblical "born again" experience, as spoken of in John 3:1-5, and live a victorious Christian life
according to I John 5:18-20.  The two qualifications that we search for which are necessary for men to come to God, are what Jesus stated is

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:24

"Spirit" refers to "desire" and "truth" refers to openness and honesty before Him.

To provide a "warm sense of community” by building a warm atmosphere of genuine love and concern and to help people belong.  We at
Harvest Temple have worked hard to develop a non-judgmental atmosphere while at the same time placing a high value on Godly influence
and being a Christian example.

To provide teaching, training and development based upon the Word of God in a multitude of ministry methods. Harvest Temple exists as a
local church ministry to provide people of all ages with the kind of loving atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth. We desire to love you
where you are and lovingly help you become what God wants you to be.

To be the salt of the earth, to preserve and promote as much as possible the Godly way of life and life principles promoted by the Scripture.  
For too long we have all seen a violation of Scripture by the religious realm of following the trends of the world instead of being an influence
of Scripture based righteousness. Ministry in today's world involves expression, influence and even more so the need for examples. This
need places a tremendous sense of personal responsibility on the followers of Christ, and especially leaders, to meet the need of our day by
being living epistles known and read of all men of the teachings of the scripture.

To mentor Christian leaders.  All effective leadership in the ministry of both laity and those in leadership positions is God-called, God-gifted
and God-ordained. A Godly and effective leader must have a teachable and ~ spirit and not be in the ministry for selfish gain.  Iniquity is
serving an agenda other than God’s ordained agenda and purpose for your life.  All God-called leaders must have a strong accountability.  
Notice what Paul stated and recorded in I Cor. 11:1 "Be ye followers of me as I also am of Christ" The Scripture teaches us in Proverbs 11:14:

"Where no counsel ~ the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

Wise leaders realize that they need mentors/counselors to help protect themselves against the pitfalls that befall leaders. They also need
guidance and training to be more effective in the arena of mankind. No form of guidance is more effective than for a leader to have spiritual
and loving mentors and to feel a sense of accountability to them.

Therefore at Harvest Temple Ministries, we desire to add our own personal strengths and gifts to help mentor those whom God has called.
We realize that, as in most crafts, the unfinished product must be shaped and worked on. During the developing stages, the end product
usually doesn't look like, or sometimes even resemble, the finished product. In the Spirit realm the product is never finished on this earth;
therefore, we must be patient with each other.
Spiritual Motivation

We are motivated by the fact that:

Our love for God is genuine.

Truth is spiritual power. We believe that "the truth will make you free" (John 8:32).  When those who listened to Jesus heard Him make this
statement, they replied that they were free! Jesus then replied to them that only truth can make you free. Error (sin) brings bondage and
addictive vices to one's life and likewise suffering and pain. We therefore are motivated to continually seek out the truth in its highest form.

God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).

Serving God is our joy and duty of life.
If you feel that your heart sings with the same tune, we pray that you will make a commitment to join us by adding your:

  •        Prayer
  •        Support
  •        Faithfulness
  •        Strength
  •        Gifts

To our endeavor to minister to a needful cause.

Come grow with us as we personally strive to fulfill God’s divine direction for us.
From the Heart of our Ministry:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and let us introduce you to us! It brings us great joy to feel you have an interest in what we are
endeavoring to do for Christ. We feel you will become as excited as we are about what God is doing, and going to do, through this ministry!

Burning deep in the heart of our ministry is a love for people, fueled by a desire to help them connect with and experience the marvelous,
saving love of Jesus Christ, our Lord. We feel our main mission must be in harmony with Christ as stated by Jesus himself as recorded in
John 10:10:

"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. "

One of the greatest compliments ever made to our pastor is:

“You have a heart to build people.”
A place to worship
To find God's forgiveness
To celebrate His love for us
To find shelter during life's storms
A place of healing
To celebrate the changing
seasons of life!